Google Taskmate Referral Code (Updated Today) | 200+ Referral Code

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If You Are Here to Know Google task mate referral code. Then, you are in the right place

I will share the 200+refer code of the task mate app and Also, How to Earn Money From Task Mate App and withdraw system.

Google Taskmate Referral Code

Simple Table About Google Task Mate App

App Name Task Mate (Beta)
Minimum Withdraw 10$
Offered By Google LLC
Latest Updated 14th January 2021
Benefits Earn money by performing a simple task on the app
Category Business
Installs 500,000+
App Referral Code FHK64H, UGE94T, HU39N1

What is Google Task Mate App?

Google Task Mate is a beta Testing app made by Google that provides access to a variety of simple tasks, posted by businesses around the world. For example, take a photo of a nearby restaurant, answer survey questions about your preferences, or help translate sentences from English to your local language.

Now How to Earn money from Task Mate App?

First Download The App from Play Store or App Store


google task mate app

Then After Download Login with your Gmail Account and then enter the reference code given below. After that, You will See Different Surveys there.

Google Taskmate Referral Code

Click On any Survey that you think you can do it successfully. Here I get Survey to click photos of my shops in my front and upload them on this app, for that, I am getting 0.25$

taskmate app surveys

Then Again click on another task to speak up on how to get to the nearest railway station.

google task mate app survey ss

By Completing these surveys I earn more than 12 dollars and 2 dollars is being in the review. And The minimum withdrawal limit is only 10 dollars by completing 10 dollars you can easily withdraw the money to your bank account.

taskmate app payment proof

Google Taskmate Referral Code-

  • HSI3K6
  • HD9SU3
  • AI8DSI
  • AJSDO2
  • AJSO29
  • 0SWIC2
  • HAKS92
  • AHSKL2
  • AJDNO2
  • AKDN4J
  • NO32ZW
  • XEGN57
  • ZY53CR
  • IGHZI3
  • AHM9F1
  • G6SFR6
  • VGTRW3
  • FRGAE7
  • 4YHB47
  • DF5648
  • QSRHE6
  • AER5YW
  • EY23QH
  • 4WU6RB
  • 4QAY5J
  • 5YVCV V
  • WAHW45
  • XX67GW
  • AFTH56
  • V4Y7HR
  • SSH546
  • TEBA60
  • ABVRW4
  • G4QVW2
  • 754FCW
  • EWW43H
  • 454WFJ
  • 5Q3G4F
  • 6W5GWF
  • KE6W5H
  • 67E562
  • E56WGF
  • 65EWFA
  • 7565GF
  • YTHW5W
  • 645XF4W
  • 87EHWT
  • HWGW23
  • 64534DJ
  • 6W45GF
  • 65G3QF
  • LKRHF2
  • H6WG6I
  • VAF6U4
  • QWERT3
  • 65FCCT
  • 4C3QXS
  • 323DDE
  • 654GWF
  • 4VWCF3
  • 645GWF
  • 75BTEV
  • 6453FD
  • 564VRW
  • 5H64G5
  • 564B5V3
  • 7HGFWE
  • K6RBVC
  • 564G53
  • 4BVWCX
  • 64B534
  • 5W4QWD
  • 7N5BTE
  • BTEVS1
  • 42SS1A
  • 654FD2
  • 2S2S2S
  • 5BVWCE
  • 64B53VC

This are all The referral code of google task mate app.

Now the frequently asked questions related to Google Task Mate App –


1-How do I get Google Task mate?

You Get Task according to your you preferences. For example, take a photo of a nearby restaurant, answer survey questions about your preferences, or help translate sentences from English to your local language. etc

2-How does task Mate work?

Google Task Mate is like surveys or simply task by the advertiser. Advertisers will conduct task from google and google sent the task or surveys to us according to the taste and preferences and google will take 30 percent earning and 70 percent google give to us. This is how the task mate works.

3-How do I get a referral code for Task mate?

I have share 100 +  refer codes in the referral code section which you get by scrolling up.

4-What is the Task mate invitation code?

Task Mate invitation code is a code from where you can open the task mate app and start earning. Some Task Mate Invitation code is as follows HDQU2J, UHWB12,8YGUK1, IDUY8T, OYTUIF,9T8UFH,9T8R7I, etc

5-How do I use the Google Task app?

First: Get the Tasks app. On your Android or ios phone, download the Google Tasks app.
Second: Select that task which you want to do or complete.
Third: Complete that task you will see the task amount is credited to your wallet

Also, The More task you complete the more money you will earn.

6-Minimum Amount to Withdraw in Google Task Mate App?

The minimum amount to withdraw from in google task mate app is 10$ or in India 730 rupees.

7-Who are real google task mate users?

At Present Only 100 person from Google has to invite code to use the app. But The app is available for all we all be real users of google task mate.

8-Does anybody has Google Task Mate Invitation Code?

Yes, 100 Google employees have google task Mite invite code. But if we apply that code the code gets expired.

9-How can I get the invitation from Google for the Task Mate app?

For that, you had to be a Google employee or you had to talk to the google task app developer team regarding the code or check my 100 code list above because I get access to the app for 10 days after that the code expired.

10-What is the benefit of using the Google Task Mate App on your mobile?

The Most Important benefit of using the google task mate app on your mobile is to earn money by completing simple tasks.

11-how much money google task app pay per task?

It pays nearly by 0.25$to 1$ per task. It can be More account to the place and taste and preferences of the persons.

12-How I withdraw Money in India From the google Task App?

In India, You can withdraw money directly to your bank account via wire transfer.

13-How do I get Google Taskmate Refer Code?

By contacting developers of the google task mate app or the Employee working on google.

14-Google Task Mate Referral Code is Not Working?

The invitation code of the Task Mate App is 6 digit unique code, which can be used only 3 times. In other words, if you create a task mate account, then you can share your referral code/invitation code with only 3 friends. Then he will share his referral code with their 3 friends. In this way, this chain (network) keeps on increasing.

So, Don’t worry if the invite code, not works Try Next Days the other 3 Codes. And you can surely get a referral code for the google task mate app.

15-google task mate referral code today

These 5 Refer Code works Today  HF79IH, H1IS3H, IDXI21,99T8IF,UTDYHC

16-How can I get the Google Task mate referral code in India?

Use This Google Task mate Refer Code in India HUF24F, GFKU92, UTD290, IFG15S

17-google task mate referral code latest

These are google task mate referral code latest HUF24F, GFKU92, UTD290, IFG15S

18-google task mate referral code working

google task mate referral code working is  HFI76G, GIF6GK, UT38F9

19-google task mate referral code new

google task mate referral code new HFI76G, GIF6GK, UT38F9

20-google task mate referral code how to get

Try GIF6GK, UT38F9, UGGI23 Refer code is working good if not working contact task mate app developer for the referral code.


This is All About Google Taskmate, Refer code of Google Task Mate App, And the frequently asked questions related to Google Task Mate App.

If you have any doubt regarding the app Comment down.


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