TBH Full Form is “To Be Honest” in Instagram

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If You Are searching for the TBH full form, Then You are at the right place I will show how what is the full form of TBH

The Full form of TBH is “To Be Honest” on Instagram and Facebook. And Also TBH Stands for through back Thursday.

An example of TBH is “TBH you are gorgeous”

tbh Full form

What is the Meaning of TBH?

The Full Form of TBH is, to be honest. It means the opinion of the third person regarding him by you honestly. Example of TBH for “girls tbh you are so cute” Example for boys “tbh you are handsome”

Additional trending terms to keep on your radar:

  • JBH = Just Being Honest
  • LBH = Let’s Be Honest or Loser Back Home
  • TBBH = To Be Brutally Honest
  • SMEXI = Smart and Sexy
  • IMO = In My Opinion
  • GOMB = Get Off My Back
  • KOTL  = Kiss On The Lips
  • KOS = Kill On Sight. This is a term that originated with online war games such as World of Warcraft. It means basically marked for death just by showing your face. However, it can also be used as a threat by a cyberbully.
  • S&D = Search and Destroy (also could be a threat)
  • 2moro – Tomorrow
  • 2nite – Tonight
  • BRB – Be Right Back
  • BTW – By the Way -or- Bring The Wheelchair -or- Booty To Win
  • B4N – Bye for Now
  • BCNU – Be Seeing You
  • Ug = Ugly
  • CID = Acid (as in, the drug)
  • WAW = What a Waste
  • CNBU = Can Not Be Unseen
  • Gomer = Geek, weirdo, nerd
  • Ratchet = Ugly, nasty, awful
  • Broken = Hungover from alcohol
  • Beep face = A general insult
  • Butter face = A named describing a person with an alleged pretty body but ugly face
  • 420 = This means marijuana (also look for words like 420 4life, boo, blunt, and buddha)
  • ASLP – Age, Sex, Location, Picture (if someone is asking this to your child, dig deeper)
  • FYEO = For Your Eyes Only
  • CD9 = Code 9; parents around
  • POS = Parents Over Shoulder
  • FUBAR = ****** Up Beyond All Recognition (inebriated or stoned)
  • Sugarpic = Suggestive or erotic photo
  • 53x = Sex

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