Why MS Dhoni getting hate from his fans? Check reasons

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In the area of cricket, MS Dhoni stands as a legend—a captain who led India to World Cup glory and a wicketkeeper-batsman with nerves of metallicity. Yet, even the most respected icons are not proof against grievance. Recently, Dhoni located himself on the crossroads of fan discontent, triggering a hurricane of emotions across social media. The purpose? His absence from the ancient Ram Temple inauguration in Ayodhya and his next presence at the opulent Ambani wedding. Let’s delve into this fascinating saga.


The Missing Thala at Ram Mandir

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On January 22, 2024, Ayodhya witnessed a momentous event—the consecration of the Ram Lalla idol inside the grand, new temple. Prime Minister Narendra Modi completed the Pran Pratishtha, marking an ancient milestone. Invitations flowed to luminaries across domain names, which include Bollywood stars, cricketing legends, and religious figures. Among them, Dhoni acquired an invite but was selected now not to attend. The motive stays shrouded in mystery, leaving enthusiasts bewildered and dissatisfied.


The Bhakts’ Discontent

MS Dhoni Receives Hate From Fans For Not Attending Ram Temple Inauguration; His Instagram Comments Section Filled With Abuses | Cricket News | Zee News

Dhoni’s enthusiasts, devout fans of Lord Ram, felt a betrayal. Their cricketing hero, recognised for his calm demeanor beneath pressure, had declined to grace the auspicious event. Social media erupted with a cacophony of feelings. Comments flooded Dhoni’s Instagram phase, ranging from disappointment to outright anger. The digital realm, in which overemotional fans converge, have become a battleground of opinions.


The Celestial Gathering: Ambani Wedding

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As the Ram Temple saga opened up, Dhoni’s presence on the Anant Ambani-Radhika Merchant pre-wedding ceremony birthday celebration delivered any other layer of intrigue. The glitterati descended upon the event, and Dhoni, wearing a brand new look, stole the spotlight. Social media buzzed with comparisons—a few playfully likening him to Tom Cruise. His spouse, Sakshi, shared a picture of the Ram Lalla idol on her Instagram Story, subtly acknowledging the non secular second.


The Hate and the Unfollow Calls

MS Dhoni Gets Criticized For Not Going To Ram Mandir

Fans, fueled by feelings, hurled invectives at Dhoni. Such behavior toward a legend seemed unwarranted, yet the nature of social media amplifies extremes. Calls to unfollow Dhoni won momentum, while objections surfaced regarding his collaboration with rapper MC Stan. Amidst the hate, Dhoni maintained his stoic silence, a trait that defines him both on and stale the sphere.

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