Upstox Referral Code March [2022] | Earn Rs. 78,000/Month from Upstox

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Upstox is a discount broking firm in India that provides trading opportunities to customers cheaply. On Upstox, you can open your free Demat and trading account. Also, You can Earn More Money from Upstox Refer and Earn Click Here For the Process How to Create Upstox Account.

Upstox referral code – FN5088. apply this referral code while completing the signup. Also, refer your friends and family members to the Upstox pro app and get 600 rupees when they complete the signup. This article contains one of such benefits. Here, we explain How to Earn minimums of Rs.78,000 Per Month From the Upstox Referral Commission.

Everyone wants to earn money from home, without any investment much time and effort?

Now, Everyone can earn an unlimited amount of money from Upstox. One just needs to have an account in Upstox, Proper Net connections, and contact, that’s all you need. THERE IS NO NEED FOR INVESTMENT IN IT.

Believe me or not, now earning money is become so easy through Upstox. One can easily earn Rs 78,000 per month from Upstox Referral Commission. The referrers must have to create an account with Upstox. The benefits are as follows:

Per referral one will get Rs.600 (after opening the account)
The person will also get 10% brokerage on the referred person’s trading.

How to Earn minimums of Rs.78,000 Per Month From the Upstox Referral Commission.

upstox refer and earn

Now, I will show you how you can easily do the side business in a small-time without capital. With Just, Upstox Refer and Earn Platform’

First Create an Account With Upstox And Generate your Refer Link.

Suppose, in a month you refer 50 people in a month. Then your referral benefit will be:
50 x 500 (Rs.500/refer) = 25,000/-

In addition to it, let’s have a look at the brokerage benefit. Suppose per person trade minimum 5 transactions, so,

5 x 40 (Per trader buy-sell brokerage Rs.20) = 200/-

In the 200/- brokerage you get 10% or Rs.20. (50 person x 20 brokerages) = 1000

So, in a month you will get (1000 x 20) = Rs. 20,000

Just in a blink of eyes, YOUR MONTHLY INCOME WILL BE (25,000 + 20,000) = Rs. 45,000 per month (Approx)

upstox refer and earn

An above figure is only a number. ANYONE CAN EARN UNLIMITED MONEY by applying the strategy that shares below. The more you refer, the more you earn.

Imagine How Effortlessly YOU CAN EARN Thousands and Lakh. This can be anyone’s side business. Whether you are a serviceman, businessman, housewife, student, the easy way to earn money can be a blast for you.


Click here to Register your Account

Now let’s Discuss the Best Ways to get more referral in Upstox

Ways to Get More Referrals in Upstox-

1-Through Whatsapp – Paste of Screen Shot of your earnings in your status or post dm me if anyone wants to earn money online in your status. People will text you then sent your refer link and told users to create the account and if they refer to their friends they will earn 600 per refer

Example –

earn moneyupstox refer and earn

Just Save these 2 Images and Use in the Whatsapp Status. This will create trust for your friends. In the first image, you are asking people to dm you and in the second you showing the earning proof. This is how you can get so many refer according to your WhatsApp friends.

2- Facebook Groups-  Join Earning Related Facebook Groups and post your referral link with the Screen Shot of the earning given below.Just like this person I don’t know him he had posted this in the Facebook group

Facebook Upstox refer and earn

Other Screenshots for Upstox refer and earn so you can use Facebook, Whatsapp, etc for proof.

upstox refer

3- Create Youtube Video – Create Youtube Video and Explain About Upstox and For sure you will get some referral from it. For proof Visit the Tech Solver Youtube channel. Also, you can Create Youtube Shorts because youtube is giving more reach to shorts.


4- Create Instagram Reels – Create Instagram Reels and promote Upstox and get easy refer or you can post to Instagram stories and get Friends who can create an account with your referral link.

The process to Create Upstox Account 

Related FAQ About Upstox Refer and Earn-

How to redeem or withdraw your Upstox referral amount?

Note: You can withdraw Refer and earn Money from the Upstox pro app. Click on refer and earn option in the menu.

And On the bottom, you can see Your referral earnings click on it. and Enter the Amount you want to withdraw and click on done and you see within 2-3 Working days your amount withdraw to your bank account.

Also, You can withdraw a maximum of Rs 5000 per day.

How do I get referral money Upstox?

Anyone just needs to have an account in Upstox, Proper Net connections, A Phone, and some Friends or Family, that’s all you need.
Per referral one will get Rs. 600 (after opening the account)
The person will also get 10% brokerage on the referred person’s trading.

What is Upstox refer earn?

Upstox Refer and Earn is the offer by Upstox where if you Refer a friend to open a Upstox account you will get rewarded ₹600 for every successful referral! Your friends get A Demat + Trading account for FREE. FREE Brokerage-free stock investing – on Equity Delivery orders. Also FREE Gold Worth Rs 51. And it’s the Single platform for Stocks, MFs, Gold, IPOs, ETFs, and more!

How do I withdraw my Upstox referral money?

Login in Upstox Pro App
Enter your username (eg: 370001) and Password.
At Side Click On refer and Earn
Click on Referral and Earning
Enter Amount Want to Withdraw
Click on Submit.

What is my Upstox referral code?

Upstox provides 6 digit client code which is available on its app and you can use the code on referring and earn page just by entering your mobile number. You can use this code and send it to your friend to refer you. Only Without Refer code only with a referral link, you can invite your friends.

Is Upstox free now?

Upstox account opening charges are Rs 0 (Free) for a trading account and Rs 0 (Free) for a Demat account if you create an account with a someone referral link.Click here to Create Free Account. Upstox charges Rs 29 monthly charge for a Demat account. Special Offer: Open Free trading account + Brokerage Rs 0 for Eq Delivery and Rs 20 for Intra-day and F&O + Free Digital Gold (worth Rs 51).

Is Upstox funded by Ratan Tata?

Yes. Upstox is an online discount stock broker backed by funding from Mr. Ratan Tata. He held a 1.33% stake in the company As of Jan 2020.

Is it good to open a Upstox account?

The cost-effective brokerage plans make Upstox a trustworthy and reliable online discount stockbroker. Available on both the web and mobile, it offers unmatched convenience to traders. If you are considering opening a Demat account online, then Upstox is just the right place for you. Create Account Now

Is a PAN card required for Upstox?

You’ll need your PAN Card, ID proof, and address proof to open a Demat account. You can complete the entire registration process online with Upstox’s Aadhaar-based Demat Account Opening. Click here for creating an Account Now

What are the benefits of Upstox?

What are the benefits of trading with Upstox? Upstox is certified with the market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)
Save costs
Industry heavyweight
Account Opening Free
Superior technology
Quality customer service
Free Demat Account

Upstox Per Referral – Rs 600

Upstox referral offer last date?

You will receive the referral reward based on the date on which the referred party started their account opening process on Upstox. This offer is valid from 31st august 2021. You will get ₹600 for each successful referral that completed the account opening process within this offer period. Last Date 31st august 2021

Click here to create upstox account

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