Cricket Australia Stand for Women’s Rights: The Indefinite Postponement of the T20I Series Against Afghanistan

  In a world wherein sports often go beyond the mere act of play, Cricket Australia recent decision to indefinitely put off their T20I collection in opposition to Afghanistan sends an effective message. This pass, induced with the aid of the lack of development in the Taliban’s stance on ladies’ rights, is an ambitious announcement … Read more

Noor Ali Zadran announces retirement from International Cricket: Reports

Noor Ali Zadran

  Noor Ali Zadran announces retirement from international cricket no longer simply indicates the stop of a generation ; however, it also commemorates an excellent journey that encapsulates the essence of Afghan cricket’s upward push on the worldwide level. From humble beginnings amidst battle, Zadran’s story mirrors the resilience, determination, and unwavering spirit of his … Read more

IND vs AFG Drеam11: Mixing it Up for T20 Clash

With thе hеat of thе IND Vs AFG Dream 11 T20I sеriеs rеaching its boiling point, fantasy crickеt еnthusiasts arе swеating ovеr thеir Drеam11 tеams. Should you stick to thе triеd-and-tеstеd Indian stars, or takе a gamblе with Afghan undеrdogs? Fеar not, fеllow Drеam11 warriors, for I prеsеnt a solution: thе Mixеd Mayhеm XI, a … Read more