Instagram year of the ox Story Meaning | How To Add on Instagram

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You Might See an Instagram Story Of ox Nowadays in your Instagram feed. I Am going to explain what exactly is and how you can put the year of the ox in your Instagram story.

year of the ox

What is the Meaning of Year of the OX or OX year?

The meaning of ‘Year of the Ox’  is related to the Lunar new year and 2021 is the Year of the Ox. That is a 12-year cycle each year have their own animals as zodiac which makes up the Chinese zodiac and the animal Ox is the second sign in it.

Example – It is Same As Leap year Just like that Leap Year Comes in every 4 Year and OX year Comes In Every 12 Year

Instagram has Introduced a New Feature also for a temporary period of time to Celebrate the Chinese New year or the Year of the ox in its Instagram Story.

Consistently in February, Chinese New Year, otherwise called the Spring Festival or Lunar New Year is praised around the globe.

This year, it falls on February twelfth, and everyone is taking to online media today to commend the occasion.

To recognize the event, Instagram has quite recently revealed a scope of Chinese New Year highlights, one of which is the ‘Time of the Ox’ Story.


As you signed into Instagram today, you would have been welcomed with another story bubble that is called ‘Year of the Ox’.

In case you’re somewhat befuddled by what it implies, the ‘Time of the Ox’ bubble is Instagram’s method of praising the Chinese Lunar Year by making a worldwide shared story.

As indicated by the Chinese Zodiac, 2021 is the Year of the Ox, and Instagram’s new component basically aggregates individuals’ festivals from around the globe.

To get your photograph or video on the gathering ‘Year of the Ox’ story, you should simply utilize one of Instagram’s new Chinese New Year stickers.

How to Add Year of the Ox to Instagram Story

The First Step is to Go to Play Store and update your Instagram app

In the second Step Simply  Click on your Profile and Add an image that you want to feature in the year of the ox

year of the ox

in the third step Simply Click on the Smily icon at the top of the middle

year of the ox

The fourth Step Select Any of the Ox from the First three which you want to add to your image

year of the ox


The fifth Step Click on your Story and you will see that year of ox added to your Instagram story and show in your friends Instagram feed

By this process, you can easily add ox Sticker to your Instagram story

This is all About Meaning Year of Ox 2021 in simple terms that how you can add this ox in your Instagram story

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