How to Get Instagram reels views free – Get Millions of Free Views, Likes

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In This Blog, I will show you how to get Instagram reels views for free. Read till the end to get millions of views on your Instagram reels.

Instagram Reels is a feature of Instagram just like Tiktok Roll out by Instagram on Aug. 5 2019 Where Anyone can share 15-30 second video

Now The Steps to get Free Instagram Reels View —

First Step – Go to the Website   

Second Step – Enter your Username and Fill the Capture that you are not a robot

reel instagram

Third Step – Click on Agree to the terms and condition

Fourth Step – Select your Instagram account where you have uploaded the reels  and want to increase reels view

tech solver

Fifth Step- Select the second package Don’t worry it’s absolutely free and you can try again in 10 minutes for new submit

Read best Hashtags for Instagram reels

free reels view

Sixth Step – wait till the 15-second timmer end and after that, you get the link simply click on it

Seventh Step – Select your Reels video where you want free to view after that click on submit.

Instagram reels views

Eight Step- Simply Click on I m not a robot and click on continue I agree and you see free 100 views transfer to your account within 3  hours

Instagram reels views

Also, you can try this again  After 10 minutes to get again 100 views and because of it, you get millions of views in your Instagram reels. This way you can get free Instagram views and you can increase your Reels video views.

Now Faq Related to Instagram Reels

Can you see who viewed Instagram reels?

No, you cannot see who viewed your Instagram reels you can only see who likes your Instagram reels.

Do Instagram reels get more views?

Add Hashtags and captions in Instagram reels to get more view

Should I add hashtags to reels?

Yes, you Should  add hashtags to reels

What is the best time to upload reels on Instagram?

Generally, the best times to post on Instagram are lunchtime (11 am-2 pm) and evenings (9-11 pm)

How many hashtags can you use on reels?

Maximum 30 hashtags


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