Harshit Rana Breaches the IPL Code of Conduct: Check here

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In the realm of competitive sports, discipline is as crucial as talent. Harshit Rana, a promising pacer for Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), learned this the hard way. Harshit Rana Breaches the IPL Code of Conduct breaches have not only cost him financially but also raised questions about the fine line between aggression and misconduct in cricket.


The Breaches

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During a tense match against Sunrisers Hyderabad, Rana’s actions led to two separate Level 1 breaches. The details of these incidents have not been fully disclosed, but they were significant enough to warrant a substantial penalty.


Incident One: The Provocative Celebration

IPL 2024 [WATCH]: Harshit Rana gives a fiery 'flying kiss' send-off to Mayank Agarwal during KKR vs SRH clash | Cricket Times

After taking the wicket of Mayank Agarwal, Rana’s celebration was deemed provocative. His gesture, a flying kiss directed at the departing batsman, crossed the boundaries of sportsmanship as per the IPL’s standards.


Incident Two: The Unspecified Breach

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The second breach remains unspecified, but it resulted in a heavier fine, indicating a more serious violation of the IPL’s Code of Conduct.


The Consequences

BCCI goes hard on Harshit Rana, imposes one-of-a-kind punishment on KKR pacer after his feud with Mayank Agarwal

Rana was fined 10% for the first offense and an additional 50% for the second, totaling a 60% deduction from his match fee. This decision, made by the match referee, is final and binding for Level 1 offenses. Despite the infractions, Rana’s performance in the match was commendable. He defended 13 runs in the final over, securing a win for KKR. However, the fines have overshadowed his on-field heroics, bringing his conduct under scrutiny.

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The IPL’s Stance on Conduct

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The IPL has a strict Code of Conduct to maintain the integrity of the game. Players are expected to uphold high standards of behavior, and any deviation is met with penalties. Rana’s fines serve as a reminder that while passion is essential, it must be channeled appropriately. Young players, in particular, must navigate the pressures of high-stakes cricket while adhering to the code that governs it.




Harshit Rana’s fines are a testament to the IPL’s commitment to discipline. As the league continues to grow, maintaining the balance between competitive edge and respectful conduct remains a priority.

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