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People Above 18+ Years of Age Register For Vaccination | Covid vaccine

how to register for covid vaccine
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If you Are 18+ Then here is the step-by-step process of how to register for the covid-19 vaccine.

The Centre Government Clear that from may 1, 2021 all people above 18 years of age will be vaccinated for COVID-19. The Registration of people of this age will start on 28 April 2021 from 4 pm Onwards.

Here is the

Step by Step Process For Registration For Covid-19 vaccine-

Also, You can add all your family members which are 18 above by clicking on Add more button.

And you Can Also Schedule your Vaccination Date by clicking on the Schedule button and by entering the pin code. You get lots of dates there just select and date and time when you are comfortable.

Cowin Vaccine Registration Online for People Above 18 Age: How to Register using Aarogya Setu

All those getting vaccinated will need to take two vaccine shots — the second dose of Covaxin must be taken between 28 to 42 days of the first dose, while the second dose of Covishield vaccine must be taken between 28 to 56 days of the first dose.

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